State Partnership Exchange Plan Management - 2013 Archive

REGTAP doc 23 - Reminder to Submit Vendor Management Documents (11.15.13)
CALT Access (4 items posted 10-11-2013)
Guidance for Payments to Issuers
ACA FAQ # 16  (10-02-2013)
Several Postings made September 9, 2013
SHOP FAQ # 3, July 30, 2013 - (posted here 7/31)
QHP Webinar Series FAQ # 13, July 29, 2013 (posted here 7/30)
(original posted on 4-19-2013, Revision posted 7-9-2013)
Postings of 7/8/2013 from CMS material 
RegTap Documents - Posted here 7-8-2013
MLR Information Postings on 6/3/2013

SHOP Information Postings on 6/3/2013

Enrollment Payment Webinar FAQ May 2013

Enrollment Payment FAQ May 2013

Agents - Brokers Access - May 2013

Updated Stand Alone Dental Information added 6/3/2013

QHP Frequently Asked Questions #11 from 5/21/2013 (posted here on 5/23/2013)

CMS Technical Postings on REGTAP of 5/22/2013  (posted here on 5/23/2013)

NAIC Glossary of Health Insurance Terms (5/21/2013)

Additional Items from REGTAP ( posted 5/21/2013, others posted 4/17 below)

CMS Marketplace FAQ 5-14-2013 (Posted 5-15-2013)

Essential Community Providers FAQ from CCIIO (5/13/2013, Posted here 5/14/2013)

Essential Community Providers Letter from CCIIO (5/13/2013, Posted here 5/14/2013)

CMS 4/29 Online Application Information (Posted to this Site 5/14/2013)

QHP FAQ 10 - Qualified Health Plan Webinar Series 5/2/2013, Posted to this site 5/14/2013

Health Insurance Marketplaces: Overview of Federally Facilitated Marketplace and Data Services Hub Development through Release 5.0 (5/2/2013 Posted to this site 5/14/2013)

FAQ - Four Topics: Annual Limit Waiver, Provider Non-Discrimination, Coverage for Individuals in Clinical Trials and Transparency Reporting (5-3, Posted to this Site 5/14/2013)

Regarding use of Iowa Standard Small Employer Group Health Application in Exchange (Posted 5/14/2013)

Process for Transitioning to ACA Compliant Health Plans Memorandum (02 May 2013)

IID MEMO - Treatment of Pediatric Dental Coverage Provided Through Stand Alone Dental Plans (4/26/13)

CMS QHP Certification Training Series V (posted 4-25-2013)

Companion Guide for FFE Enrollment Transactions v 1.5   (posted to this site 4-24-2013)

Frequently Asked Questions received by the Iowa Insurance Division (Issuer FAQs all posted 4-23-2013)

REVISED Qualified Health Plans Timeline for Submissions on and off the Exchange (Revised version of original 4-19-2013 entry posted 7-9-2013)

REGTAP - an Important Technical Assistance Portal for Issuers (Posted to this site 4-17) Key Postings Follow:

CMS Plan Management Seminar Q&A Responses (Bullets posted 4-11-2013)

CMS Letter to Issuers on Federally-facilitated and State Partnership Exchanges (Issue date 4-5-2013 - posted 4-11-2013)

Commissioner Announces “Office Hours” for Issuers Related to ACA Implementation / QHP Applications (posted 4-11-2013)

Updated information on templates to be used by issuers in their applications for certification to participate in the Iowa federal/state partnership (as of 3-21-2013)

Contact Information for User/Issuer Questions Regarding Templates and Resource Information for Issuers -(posted 3-21-2013)

Qualified Health Plan Application Guidelines (Posted 3-15-2013)

Iowa QHP Application Checklist (Posted 3-15-2013)

Iowa QHP Certification of Compliance (Posted 3-15-2013)

Geographic Rating Areas by County as Submitted to and Approved by CMS dated 3-13-13 (Posted 3-15-2013)

Iowa Essential Health Benefit Benchmark Plan (Posted 3-15-2013)

Exchange Blueprint Submission Information of 2-15-13 (Posted 3-15-2013)

Letter from CCIIO 3-1-2013 - Guidance on Affordable Exchanges (Posted to this site 3-15-2013)

Non-Exhaustive Databases of Essential Community Providers (Posting as of 3-27-2013)