Active Military Service and Waiver of Continuing Education


WHEREAS the United States government has deployed thousands of military personnel to the Persian Gulf region as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom, including a significant number of reservists;

WHEREAS United States government officials, including President George W. Bush, have indicated that Operation Iraqi Freedom may be a military operation of a significant duration requiring the continued deployment of military personnel during and after the conflict in the Persian Gulf region;

WHEREAS there is likelihood that some of these military personnel are licensed insurance producers in the various States for whom satisfaction of many licensing requirements will represent a significant, if not impossible, hardship;

WHEREAS almost all States require licensed insurance producers to fulfill a requisite number of hours of continuing education within a certain period of time as a condition for maintaining their insurance producer licenses;

WHEREAS the laws of most States recognize that military service and other extenuating circumstances present situations where insurance producers may receive a waiver of certain licensing requirements; and

WHEREAS the circumstances of their deployment as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom may practically prevent military personnel from requesting and receiving waivers from application of requirements related to their insurance producer licenses and it may therefore be appropriate for State insurance regulators to suspend or forego such requirements for these insurance producers until such time that they are able to resume their activities as licensed insurance producers.

NOW, THEREFORE, LET IT BE RESOLVED that the National Association of Insurance Commissioners supports and wishes a safe return for all United States military personnel taking part in Operation Iraqi Freedom, and in recognition of the extenuating circumstances presented by the participation in Operation Iraqi Freedom of those military personnel who also are licensed insurance producers, requests and encourages State insurance regulators to use all legal and administrative means available to waive or otherwise suspend from operation any applicable continuing education requirements until such time as these producers are able to resume their activities and responsibilities as licensed insurance producers.

Posted April 7, 2003