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Pearson Vue is the company contracted by the Iowa Insurance Division for approvals of Continuing Education Providers and Continuing Education Courses.  To view the list of the approved courses, click here.

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Continuing Education Summary
CE Rules & Hours needed for resident license renewal

Chapter 11, Iowa Administrative Code: Continuing Education for Insurance Producers

Active Military Service and Waiver of Continuing Education Requirements

New Crop Insurance Producers Continuing Education Requirement

11.3(8) For a resident producer who holds qualification only for a crop insurance line of authority and who is requesting renewal of a producer license on or after January 1, 2010, the producer must be able to demonstrate the following each time renewal of a license is requested:

  • a. The producer has completed all training and continuing education requirements imposed by the federal Risk Management Association, if any
  • b. The producer has completed 18 credits of continuing education, 3 of which must be in the area of ethics, except that a producer who is requesting renewal of a producer license during 2010 must demonstrate that the producer has completed 9 credits of continuing education, 3 of which must be in the area of ethics.

Long-Term Care Regulation
Explanation of rule regarding long-term care continuing education requirements

Indexed Annuity Outline
The IID recently adopted rules 191-15.80 - 87 which require all producers who wish to sell fixed index life or annuity products on or after January 1, 2008 to complete a 4 credit training course. Courses must be filed and approved according to the general continuing education course approval guidelines. Contact Pearson VUE for further details and to view a listing of approved courses. The rules call for the IID to publish an outline of the required topics. The following June 1, 2007 outline is hereby published.

Annuity Product Suitability Training
Like Indexed Annuity Product training, the Annuity Product Suitability training will be required of both resident and nonresident Iowa producers.  If nonresidents have had comparable training in their home state, we would consider it reciprocal.  The Annuity courses approved for Iowa can be viewed online at Pearson VUE. It is a one-time training and the CE certificate obtained can be used toward the resident producer's CE license requirement.

The Division will not be tracking the Indexed Annuity and Annuity Product Training credits separately. Rather, it is the duty of each insurance company for whom the producer sells the Indexed Annuity or  Annuity product to keep track of the producer's training credits. The Division will monitor company compliance when the Division performs routine audits and examinations of the companies. Because the Division will not be keeping track of how many Indexed Annuity or Annuity product training hours a producer has received, and because it is the insurance company that must keep track of the training of its producers, whether or not a producer has obtained the required Indexed Annuity or Annuity Product training will not affect the renewal of the producer's license.

Bulletin 10-02: Continuing Education Requirements for Sales of Annuity Products
Bulletin 10-05: Follow-Up to Commissioners Bulletin 10-02


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