Largest Iowa-Domiciled Companies-1996

Life Companies 1996 Assets
Principal Mutual Life Ins Company $56,836,918,297
PFL Life Insurance Company 7,927,448,673
Life Investors Ins Co of America 6,249,595,269
American Life and Casualty Ins Co 5,486,106,905
AmerUs Life Insurance Company 3,970,477,432
Equitable Life Ins Co of Iowa 3,446,979,585
Bankers United Life Assurance Company 3,400,615,176
CUNA Mutual Life Insurance Company 3,029,844,172
Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company 2,345,060,426
Inter-State Assurance Company 1,142,462,672

Casualty Companies 1996 Assets
Employers Mutual Casualty Company $1,090,319,903
AMCO Insurance Company 622,387,793
Allied Mutual Insurance Company 524,064,429
Preferred Risk Mutual Ins Company 495,202,639
United Fire & Casualty Company 455,709,857
Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company 446,952,061
Hawkeye-Security Insurance Company 338,818,462
Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company 325,854,782
National Chiropractic Mutual Ins Co 314,922,241
Continental Western Insurance Company 302,877,081