Enforcement Bureau

The purpose of the Enforcement Bureau is to prosecute administrative actions for the Insurance Division. The bureau consists of a bureau chief, attorneys, and investigators. The bureau chief is responsible to the Insurance Commissioner for the actions of the bureau. There shall be a discretionary area between the enforcement bureau and the commissioner to isolate the commissioner from issues that will require her decision if the matter is appealed.

The Bureau will consult with the investigators and provide legal assistance as necessary to assist in the process of inquiries and complaints.

The Bureau will receive cases from the Market Regulation Bureau. The Enforcement Bureau will decide the appropriate action to be taken on the case. The actions can include fines, and the suspension or revocation of licenses. It will file a statement of charges in cases where that has been a violation of insurance laws or regulations. Cease and Desist Orders will be issued in cases where it is feared that there will be ongoing violations of laws or rules. These cases will be pursued by the enforcement staff through the administrative forums. They will represent the division before an administrative law judge. If the case is appealed the staff will represent the division in the matter before the commissioner.

The Enforcement Bureau will provide legal counsel to the Securities and Regulated Industries Bureau. The Enforcement Bureau will accept cases for review and administrative action. The actions can include the revocation of securities licenses or the issuance of Ceases and Desist Orders to prevent ongoing violations of securities laws. Where necessary a statement of charges will be filed for violation of Iowa securities laws and rules. The enforcement staff will represent the Division before the administrative law judge and the commissioner if the matter is appealed.

The Bureau will assist any of the division's personnel in matters that involve a violation of laws and rules. The Bureau will pursue administrative remedies to assure compliance with the law and rules for which the Division is responsible for enforcement.