Fraud Alerts System

Leading the Nation

The Iowa Insurance Fraud Bureau is the first in the nation to implement an electronic Fraud Alerts System. This system allows the Bureau to notify insurance companies about fraudulent insurance claims in a secured fashion. The system also serves as a method to warn insurance companies about phony claims not yet paid, saving the company and consumers money.

Combating Phony Insurance Claims

The Bureau receives details about organized fraud rings that are submitting thousands of phony insurance claims to dozens of insurance companies simultaneously. Fraud rings routinely know that most insurance companies are under pressure to pay claims swiftly. Imagine contacting Iowa’s 1,600+ insurance companies individually to alert them about fraudulent claims. The Fraud Alerts System allows the IFB to post these details and share information with companies across the nation and stop fraudulent dollars from being paid.

If you represent an insurance company that is not a member of the Fraud Alerts System, please contact the Iowa Insurance Fraud Bureau.