How Do I File Life or Health Forms in Iowa

The insurance laws of Iowa provide that no life or accident and health insurance policy shall be issued or delivered in the State of Iowa unless it has been approved by the Commissioner of Insurance.  Accident and health initial rates and rate revisions must be approved before use in Iowa.  Life insurance rates need not be filed; however, such rates (gross and net premiums) may be requested if the Commissioner deems it necessary for verifying nonforfeiture values and/or reserves, including deficiency reserves. All credit life and credit A&H rates must be approved before use.

Filing Procedures:

Life & Health

Effective July 1, 2007, the Iowa Insurance Division (IID) has mandated that all Form and Rate/Rule Filings be submitted via SERFF, and that all retaliatory filing fees be paid via SERFF EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), per Iowa Administrative Code 191-30.5(1) and 191-35.7(1).