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Insurance Fraud: The "Hidden Tax"

Insurance fraud is crime that affects you. Insurance fraud costs Americans at least $80 billion a year, or nearly $950 for each family.

Who pays for insurance fraud? You Do.

Insurance fraud pushes up the cost of everything you buy and use. How? Consider the following scenario.

Every company providing goods or services pays for insurance as a cost of doing business. As a result of insurance fraud – the insurance company must raise rates. To cover the increased cost of insurance, the company must charge you more for goods and services. Bottom line – insurance fraud makes everything more expensive for everybody. Insurance fraud is not simply a problem for insurance companies, it’s a problem for all of us – everybody loses and everybody pays. Insurance fraud also diverts resources from law enforcement and fire services. 

Our Role

The Insurance Fraud Investigation Bureau confronts the problem of insurance fraud through the prevention, investigation, and prosecution of fraudulent insurance acts in an effort to reduce the amount of premium dollars used to pay fraudulent claims. In 2013, the Fraud Bureau received 611 fraud referrals from insurance companies, law enforcement agencies, and the public.  

In our efforts to prevent insurance fraud and medical identity theft, the bureau has created a poster to be displayed in businesses, medical offices, and insurance agencies.  It warns the public about loaning or selling their personal insurance information to a third party. This is a felony in the State of Iowa which is punishable by up to 5 years in prison and a fine up to $7500.  

Downloadable Insurance Fraud/ Medical Identity Theft Alert Poster suitable to posting in businesses to protect your employees! English - Spanish - Laotian - Slovenian - Chinese - Korean

To Report Insurance Fraud

INSURANCE COMPANIES are required to report suspected insurance fraud to the fraud bureau. This requirement is found in Iowa Code Chapter 507E.6.

Insurance companies can submit an online report to the Iowa Insurance Fraud Bureau through the National Association of Insurance Commissioner’s fraud reporting system at Use the Online Fraud Reporting System for Industry. 

If your company prefers to download a reporting form to send to the bureau, use the
Uniform Suspected Insurance Fraud Reporting Form (Word document) (Adobe PDF)

THE PUBLIC OR OTHER GOVERNMENT AGENCIES are welcome to make a referral to the fraud bureau by using the public referral form, or reporting online.

To report online, including anonymous reports, go to the National Association of Insurance Commissioner’s website at Use the Online Fraud Reporting System for Consumers.

If you prefer to download a reporting form to send it to the bureau, use the
Insurance Fraud Complaint Form (for Public use) (Word document) (PDF)

Insurance Company Fraud Contact Update Form (Word document) (Adobe PDF)
The Iowa Insurance Fraud Bureau maintains a list of fraud contact persons for each insurance company. It is necessary for the bureau to keep this information current so that law changes, announcements, etc. regarding insurance fraud will be sent to the appropriate person. Use this form to report or update your company's fraud contact information. 

The Fraud Alerts System – an electronic warning system available to insurance companies 

Helpful Links – Fraud Bureau/Anti-Fraud Organizations

 Iowa Insurance Fraud Act - Chapter 507E