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  • List of Registered PBMs
  • Requirements For Obtaining a Certificate of Registration to Serve As a PBM

    Any person who performs pharmacy benefits management services, unless specifically excluded under Iowa Code Chapter 510B, is required to obtain from the Iowa Insurance Division a certificate of registration as a Third-Party Administrator in Iowa. 

    Persons performing pharmacy benefits management services must comply with Iowa law, particularly Iowa Code Chapters 510B and 510, and 191 Iowa Administrative Code Chapters 59 and 58. 
    To apply for a certificate of registration as Third-Party Administrator from the Iowa Insurance Division, complete the Third-Party Administrator application form.  Be sure to check the box that indicates you are applying to be a Pharmacy Benefits Manager.

  • Iowa Code Chapter 510B (PBMs)
  • Iowa Code Chapter 510 (Third-Party Administrators)
  • 191 Iowa Administrative Code Chapter 59 (PBMs)
  • 191 Iowa Administrative Code Chapter 58 (Third-Party Administrators)




Certified Outpatient Diabetes Education Programs - Iowa Department Of Public Health

Commissioner's Bulletin: Establishment of Blocks of Business

Iowa Individual Health Benefit Reinsurance Association Rating Subcommittee: §513C Individual Health Insurance Market Reform

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Effective July 1, 2007, the Iowa Insurance Division (IID) has mandated that all Form and Rate/Rule Filings be submitted via SERFF, and that all retaliatory filing fees be paid via SERFF EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), per Iowa Administrative Code 191-30.5(1) and 191-35.7(1).

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