Online Non-Resident Licensing

Applying for a Non-Resident Insurance Producer License

A non-resident producer may apply for any qualifications for which the producer is qualified in the producer’s home state. The qualifications listed on the NAIC form are Property, Casualty, Personal Lines, Life, Accident and Health or Sickness, Variable products, Credit Products and Other - Limited Lines.

To obtain an Iowa individual insurance license or to amend an existing license to add an additional qualification, a non-resident must submit a proper request for licensure to the division through the NIPR Gateway, or as otherwise directed by the division.


License Renewal: A Producer Renewal Report (PRR) will be sent to a producer’s last-reported email address 60 days prior to expiration.  In the event the email delivery fails, a paper copy will be sent via postal mail.  To perform the renewal process a producer must complete the steps at the NIPR Gateway, or as otherwise directed by the division.

Company Appointments

Iowa permits a producer to solicit business once the license is received. However, a producer cannot receive a commission until the producer is appointed with a company. The notice of appointment must be filed within thirty days of the date the insurer and producer executes an agency contract or the first insurance application is submitted to the insurer. A producer may assign commissions to an agency or other insurance business entity.

After a producer has received the Iowa license, a copy of it should be sent to the company or companies with whom the producer wishes to be appointed in Iowa. The company will then be responsible for processing the appointment and sending it to the Insurance Division for approval.

Address/Name Changes/Reporting of Actions

An Iowa Non- Resident insurance producer is required to maintain a current resident address with the Division at all times. Failure to do so could result in imposition of a fine and/or forfeiture of the Iowa Insurance License. An address change is performed at NIPR unless otherwise directed by the division.  Under Iowa Code section 522B.16, a licensed insurance producer is required to notify the Division if any administrative or criminal action is taken against them within thirty (30) days of the final disposition of an administrative matter or within thirty (30) days of the initial pretrial hearing in a criminal matter.

Continuing Education

If a producer is required to comply with a CE requirement in the producer’s home state, the producer is exempt from the Iowa requirement. If the producer’s home state does not have a CE requirement, the producer must comply with the Iowa CE requirement.

Variable Contracts

To receive a license for the variable life and variable annuity qualification, an applicant must be licensed in their resident state or have passed the appropriate exams to be Iowa securities-approved.


Producer Licensing: 515-281-7757
Continuing Education (CE): 515-281-7761