Perpetual Care Cemeteries (PCC)

Perpetual Care Cemeteries (PCC):

At this time, please hold off on filing the 2016 annual report by perpetual care cemetery. There has been a change in the reporting period effective this year, so all annual reports will not be filed until calendar year end. Additionally, our office has launched a new electronic filing system. So, when it is time for the cemeteries to start filing the report, it will be filed online and it will involve the cemetery utilizing the Excel application.

You may want to review the information that is currently on our website, so you can become familiar with what will be needed when filing the report.

Below is a link to the Division’s website where you can view instructions, etc.

Our office will be in touch with you when it is time for the perpetual care cemeteries to file the 2016 annual report.

If you have not filed the 2015 annual report by perpetual care cemetery, please print and complete the paper annual report that is posted to the Division’s website and mail it immediately.

Thank you,

Securities and Regulated Industries Bureau

Sample Forms 

The Iowa Insurance Division has modified a set of sample forms created by the North American Death Care Regulators Association for use by Perpetual Care Cemeteries in Iowa.

Each Perpetual Care Cemetery operator should carefully evaluate its operations and should establish written guidelines.

These forms and document are not intended to be a substitute for legal advice on compliance with Iowa laws. 

Code of Iowa §523I : Iowa Cemetery Act

Iowa Administrative Code 191-140: Burial Sites and Cemeteries