1. A producer must complete 36 continuing education (CE) credits to be eligible to renew their license. At least three (3) of these credits must be in the subject of ethics. At least 18 of the 36 hours must be approved as Classroom method. (Producers who hold a license with only Crop, have a CE requirement of 15 General hrs. and 3 Ethics hrs.)

2. CE compliance and license renewal must be completed prior to the expiration date on the license. You may view your CE transcript and expiration date at

3. Self study credits that do not count towards obtaining a national designation are limited. Only half the producer's credits may be obtained through self study if they are non-designation courses. The exams must be closed book and monitored. A passing grade of 70% is required.

4. Only courses approved by the Iowa Insurance Division will satisfy the Iowa CE requirement. It is the producer's responsibility to contact the provider prior to attendance to make sure that the course has received Iowa approval and verify the number of CE credits that the producer will receive.

5. Producers must request a standard Iowa Certificate of Completion from the provider for each course for which the producer wants to claim Iowa CE credit. The producer should review each certificate to be sure the provider has completed everything on the certificate and that the producer's license number is correct. If there are any blank spaces or errors, the producer must contact the provider and obtain a corrected Certificate of Completion. An Iowa Certificate of Completion issued by a recognized CE Provider is the only evidence recognized by the Division as evidence of course completion.

6. Producers may not receive credit for the same course more than once during a CE term. Producers should contact the provider (course sponsor) to verify whether a particular course is the same as a previous course.

7. Course providers will report attendance to the Iowa Insurance Division or its outside vendor. Producers must retain their certificates for four years after the end of the year of the course. Sixty days prior to the producer's expiration date a courtesy renewal reminder notice will be sent only if a valid email address was provided to the Division You may add or update your email address at . The reminder notice will state whether the CE requirement has been met and state the renewal fee. If the reminder notice indicates the CE requirement has not been met and the producer's records differ, the producer will then submit photocopy(s) of the Iowa Certificate of Completion form(s) to the Division to be updated to their CE Transcript. If the producer does not meet the CE requirement by taking the required hours, they may retake their insurance exams prior to the expiration of the license to meet CE Compliance.

191.11.3 (505, 522B) Continuing education requirements for producers. 11.3(7) A producer may elect to comply with the CE requirements by taking and passing the appropriate licensing examination for each qualification held by the producer. a .A producer who holds property and casualty lines of authority must successfully complete the commercial insurance subject examination. b .A producer who holds an excess and surplus line of authority must successfully complete the examination for the excess and surplus line of authority and the commercial insurance subject examination.

Re-examinations shouldn't be completed more than 90 days prior to the expiration date. Once passing the re-examination, a copy of the pass notice needs to be submitted to the Division so the producer's file can be updated to show CE compliant. The producer then needs to proceed with completing the renewal application and payment of renewal fee at Note: it could take 3-4 business days to update the NIPR website to show CE Compliant for any updates of Iowa Certificate of Completion form(s) or Re-examination pass notices the Division has manually processed.

8. A producer is required to renew their license in a timely manner, regardless of whether a notice is received from the Division.

****Producers Who Are Exempt the CE Requirement****

A. A producer who is licensed for credit or surety. This producer need not report CE credits but must pay the appropriate fee to renew the license.

B. A producer who is an attorney licensed to sell insurance. The producer/attorney must file a report showing proof of compliance with the continuing legal education requirement for the attorney's home state and pay the CE fee and the renewal fee. If the attorney does not have a CE requirement in their home state, they must comply with the Iowa insurance CE requirements.

C. A nonresident producer who lives in a state where CE is required. These producers must file the renewal notice through the NIPR gateway. For details visit

Continuing Education Course Listing

Frequently-updated list of courses approved for producer continuing education. Choose Classroom CE Courses or Self-study CE Courses.

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