Premium Tax Filings For Calendar Year 2014

You may download the year-end 2014 tax forms or 2015 prepay forms by choosing the appropriate link below.

Year-end 2014 Tax Forms and Filing Instructions

Posted Dec. 16, 2014


Health (Companies Filing on Health Blank)

Property & Casualty


2015 Premium Tax Prepayment Forms

Posted Dec. 16, 2014

Life (including Companies Filing on Health Blank)

Other than Life

County Mutual Associations

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If you have any questions regarding premium tax requirements, contact Donna Flamm of this office at 515-242-5178 or email

Future Changes:

The 79th General Assembly of the State of Iowa made legislative changes to Iowa’s premium tax laws, which reduce the premium tax rate to 1% over a period of years. Trigger dates as well as percentages vary for the premium tax and prepayments. If you desire more information regarding the prospective premium tax changes, please see: SF 2318 of the 79 th Iowa General Assembly, and SF2298 of the 80th Iowa General Assembly.