Small Corporate Offering Registration (SCOR)

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SCOR Issuers Manual Intro (9/28/99 revision) - In this document, you will find information on the requirements your company must meet in order to use the Form U-7, called the “SCOR Form,” to offer and sell securities. You will find specific instructions on how to complete the Form in the SCOR Manual. It may be helpful to review the entire SCOR Form before responding to any of the items. This will help you determine the appropriate place for the Company’s disclosure.

SCOR Issuers Manual (9/28/99 revision) - This Manual has been prepared to help you complete the Form U-7 Disclosure Document. It contains instructions for completing the Items in the Form. If you need further information, contact your State or Provincial securities regulator or the North American Securities Administrators Association.

SCOR Statement of Policy - The following guidelines of the North American Securities Administrators Association, Inc. (“NASAA”) provide for the uniform treatment of registrations of small company offerings which are exempt from federal registration under Rule 504 of Regulation D, Regulation A, or Section 3(a)(11) of the Securities Act of 1933, and are consistent with public investor protection and in the public interest. The Securities Administrator (“Administrator”) may waive any standard set forth in this Policy Statement and may also impose substantive standards not contained in this Policy Statement.

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