Securities Complaints

The mission of the Iowa Securities Bureau is investor protection through the administration and enforcement of the Iowa Uniform Securities Act, an act prohibiting fraud in securities transactions and requiring the registration of broker-dealers, agents and the registration of securities.

To file a complaint with the Securities Bureau, complete one of the following tasks:

Iowa Securities Bureau
601 Locust St. - 4th Floor
Des Moines, IA 50309-3738

515- 281-5705
Fax 515-281-3059

Questionnaire instructions:

  1. Type or print legibly.
  2. Make copies of pertinent information. Do Not Send Originals! Please copy front and back of all checks.
  3. Be specific when describing dates, times, persons, and what statements were made.
  4. If you need more space for an answer, provide the information on additional paper.