The IID - How We Can Help

The Iowa Insurance Division (IID) protects consumer interests and grants companies permission to sell insurance in Iowa.

The IID has the authority to protect Iowans by:

  • Enforcing Iowa's insurance laws
  • Providing consumer information
  • Investigating complaints against companies or agents
  • Ensuring benefits due are received under the terms of the policy
  • Requiring insurers to conduct a reasonable investigation of all claims

The Market Regulation Bureau

The Market Regulation Bureau of the IID is a state public service available to answer your questions and to protect you from deceptive or illegal insurance practices. The Bureau provides guidance regarding insurance-related questions and helps individuals who are experiencing problems with their insurance companies or agents.

The Importance of Contacting the IID

Reporting your circumstances to the Insurance Division is important to deter unethical practices or to recognize a simple error. Depending on the terms of your policy and Iowa law, the iid may be able to resolve your specific complaint. Our involvement typically encourages insurers to review your concerns more thoroughly.

When you file a complaint it also helps us assist other Iowans by identifying companies or agents that should be monitored or investigated. In addition, we can better determine the issues consumers' need help with the most.

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